The Impostor Syndrome Files

You Will Never Outperform Your Mindset

June 15, 2021 Kim Meninger Season 2 Episode 67
The Impostor Syndrome Files
You Will Never Outperform Your Mindset
Show Notes

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we look at the ways in which the need for external validation drowns out our own voices. Our guest, Kimberly Hambrick, shares how her personal journey led her to realize that we have choices in how we respond to others. She also talks about her decision to make her voice the strongest and loudest voice she hears.

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About My Guest
Dr. Kimberly Hambrick is a leadership development and growth coach and trainer.  She DESIGNS empowered leaders to achieve the significance they desire.  Knowns as the BS Buster—she works to bust through their BS—belief systems—or bullshit swirl of negative thought and excuses with a proven system that minimizes risks and moves them forward.

She owns Kimberly Hambrick Consulting and is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and serves on the President’s Advisory Committee.

Kimberly has almost three decades of experience in corporate America, serving in leadership roles with a focus of coaching others to achieve more.