The Impostor Syndrome Files

What Will My Future Self Thank Me for?

August 24, 2021 Kim Meninger Season 2 Episode 77
The Impostor Syndrome Files
What Will My Future Self Thank Me for?
Show Notes

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, my special guest, Melody Wilding, shares insights and strategies for “Sensitive Strivers.” Melody coined this term to describe high-achievers with high levels of sensitivity to their own and others’ emotions. In this discussion, we explore a variety of powerful topics, such as regulating emotions, listening to our intuition and setting boundaries in order to manage Impostor Syndrome and build our confidence.

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About My Guest
Melody Wilding is the author of TRUST YOURSELF: STOP OVERTHINKING AND CHANNEL YOUR EMOTIONS FOR SUCCESS AT WORK. Recently named one of Business Insider’s Most Innovative Coaches for her groundbreaking work on “Sensitive Strivers”, her clients include CEOs, C-level executives, and managers at top Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon, and JP Morgan, among others. Melody has been featured in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Forbes. Melody is a licensed social worker with a master's from Columbia University and a professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College. Learn more at

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