The Impostor Syndrome Files

Are You Making It Harder than It Needs to Be?

November 30, 2021 Kim Meninger Season 2 Episode 91
The Impostor Syndrome Files
Are You Making It Harder than It Needs to Be?
Show Notes

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we look at what’s within our control as a way to build confidence in the workplace. My guest, Charlotte Crabtree, shares her story of being an introvert in a highly extroverted field and the choices she made to reflect on herself and what she needed in order to be successful. We also discuss how emotions, self-trust and paying attention to what we’re paying attention to can help us grow our confidence and overall success.

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About My Guest
Charlotte is a coach, consultant & equine facilitated learning practitioner (although we didn’t cover this in the show!) to people-first businesses, helping them to improve their employees’ experience throughout.
Working with individuals, Charlotte offers personal coaching for professional women, helping them to build the confidence they need to overcome self-doubt & worry, and feel in control in their careers (& lives) so they can reach their highest potential.
With a decade of experience ‘on the ground’ in roles within project, account & operations management, Charlotte now supports others to navigate the same challenges she faced while climbing the corporate ladder - by helping them avoid the pitfalls of burnout, complacency & job-hopping - so they can define & fulfill their potential faster, without the stress.
Charlotte’s mission in life is to enjoy it - and firmly believes that should be a priority everyone shares, so makes it her business to help others find that balance of a successful career & a fun, happy home life too.
For more information & to work with Charlotte, you can visit her website (& download her free guide: 5 Confidence Hacks to Take Control in Your Career)